Portable Device for Magnetoacoustic Therapy

A search for the new effective method to treat various functional disorders resulted in the development of the device comprising the best features of magnetic field and vibro-acoustic therapy : MAGOFON

Magnetic field is widely recognized to have analgesic and anti inflammatory effect; improves micro-and-local blood circulation, stimulates resorption of inflammatory and traumatic edema and recovery of injured tissue. The action of broadband acoustic vibration facilitates to restore the bonding between the affected organ and the brain.

Clinical trails have proved the positive complex action of low-frequency alternating magnetic and acoustic vibration on human organs. Their combined action promotes increase in blood circulation and relieve algesic syndrome, stimulates metabolic process and accelerates regeneration of damaged tissue.

  • Acute painful conditions
  • Ligament & meniscus tears
  • Varicose veins
  • Non Heading Ulcers
  • Acoustic Range Frequency : 0.02-20kHz
  • Amplitude Value of Magnetic Induction : 30+9mT
  • Mains Voltage : ~220+10%V, 50Hz
  • Weight, max : 0.70kg
  • Overall Dimensions : 200x60x75 mm
  • Safety Class : II, BF type
  • Consumed Power, not more : 36VA